About Us

Let's preserve environment & follow a healthy lifestyle!

Amora is family-owned business conceptualized and established after years of experience in agriculture and horticulture. All our ancestors were farmers, and that's how we have inherited the skills of producing crops and fruits for daily consumption. We can gladly say that farming is in our blood, and we are proud of being a part of the world's most ancient yet essential form of occupation.
How we got into exporting our products?
We own acres of fertile land in Tasgaon, Sangli, Maharashtra, India where we have been producing several types of agricultural products for ages. We have been producing organic grapes and spices and selling them to the local markets. Receiving an immense response from domestic wholesalers and suppliers, we got the idea of exporting organic grapes and spices so that the world can enjoy a healthy lifestyle.
Who could benefit from our organic products?
We produce the highest quality organic grapes and spices. We use freshest and natural ingredients and adhere to extreme food-safety practices. With a large production capacity and as a specialist in using natural ingredients for cultivation and viticulture, we can supply fresh, organic grapes and spices to:
  1. Food industries
  2. Food distributors and retailers
  3. Manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers
  4. Food related businesses and industries
  5. Organic food companies