About Us

About Us

Savor Fresh, Organic Foods And Fruits!

Amora is an organic agricultural produce company located in Tasgaon in the western region of Maharashtra, India. Being a native of this viticulture region of India since ages and experienced in cultivating agricultural produce have encouraged us to foray into exporting of organic grapes and spices.
Who we are?
We are producers and exporter of organic grapes in all forms and a variety of Indian spices. We are a family of farmers for generation bestowed with immense land and resources to be capable to fulfilling the need of agri products for a large number of population. Having been practicing self-organic farming for years, we have made ourselves proficient in the production of organic grapes and spices.
What we produce
We can produce a variety of Indian grapes and spices without any use of chemical pesticides so that the world can stay fit and healthy. Whether you want to consume grapes in its original or dried forms or to use them in manufacturing of wine and beer, we can cover all your requirements with ease following high production standards. Our aim is to provide pesticide-free products to the world.


As farming runs in our blood since generations, we really feel sorry looking at how cultivators or producers of agricultural products are resorting to unhealthy means to improve yields and earn a few extra bucks. This unethical practice is not only harming the environment, but also causing deadly disease like cancer among a majority of people. Having seen people suffer from consuming pesticide-ridden foods and fruits, we have embarked on a mission to eradicate problems, and let people enjoy organic products.

Why choose us?

With years of experience in cultivation and thorough knowledge of viticulture, we are on a mission to promote organic agricultural products worldwide. We are strongly focused on natural methods of cultivation and follow stringent quality measures to ensure freshness and longevity of our produce. Our fresh and organic grapes and spices are prices reasonably so that all can enjoy the benefits of healthy food and fruits.